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Remote Install



  1. Click the "Installation Files" link below and select "Run from this location." (On some browsers, you will need to select "Open Program.") This will download the installation files and open the installation program. The total of these files is approximately 20mb (quite large) so it may take some time depending on your connection.

  2. After downloading, install CyberCalc as you would any Windows compatible program. NOTE: The CyberCalc program MUST be installed to the "C:/AIS" directory.

  3. When installation is complete, open the program and call the telephone number provided to activate your installation.

  4. After your program has been activated, download and run the latest update by clicking on the "Latest Update" link below. This file is also quite large and may take some time depending upon your connection speed.

Installation Checklist - checklist.pdf

Installation Files - compnet.exe

Installation Files - FairLease Lite - setup.exe

Latest Updates - updcyber.exe

Installation Instructions - CC_Install_Guide.pdf

Installation Instructions on Windows 7 - Installing CyberCalc on Windows 7.pdf

If your system does not have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader click here to download the free program. It is required to view the PDF files.

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